I am absolutely bursting with pride tonight, our team swam fantastically. They faced tough competition in the first round of the league but didn't let it phase them and WON by 10 points.

Some of our younger swimmers were competing for the first time, we had a few new swimmers to the club and a lot of swimmers that are now competing for the third year. The progress the team as a whole has made was evident and as always at Droylsden they supported each other to the max. We always get comments on what fantastic team spirit we have and tonight that wasn't only from the swimmers but also to the parents who came along to support. We were the loudest throughout the pool and very proud to be so :)
It was soooooooo rewarding standing there and watching everyone's hard work come together so wonderfully. The hours of training from the swimmers, the commitment from the parents and the time given freely by the coaching staff.

Droylsden you were magnificent........here's looking forward to round 2.........bring it on :) :) :) :) :) :)